Auwell Electronics is a quality supplier of all types of printed circuit boards

At our Stonehouse manaufacturing facility we have our own printed circuit board facility that enables us to provide rapid turn around of single and double sided printed circuit boards.

We specialise in double and single sided pcbs with lead times as low as 24 hours. Standard lead times are 7-10 days for plated through hole pcbs. Higher volume and multilayer printed circuit boards are available from our overseas partners with typical lead times of 15 days for multilayer technology.

Continued investment in equipment has enabled Auwell to stay at the forefront of  printed circuit board manufacture. Recent pcb equipment investment includes a 3 spindle Klingelnberg CNC Drill/Router and an Immersion Nickel Gold Plating Line.




For more information please call us on 01453 791111, email or see our contact us page.