Quality Policy

The company recognises that controlling the quality of any product is an individual responsibility at every stage of    processing, and hence the requirement to formalise these processes and procedures in the form of written statements and instructions.  All employees must therefore carry their individual share of that responsibility, and follow strictly the relevant procedures designed to ensure consistency in the quality of products.

Training of new personnel and advanced training for existing personnel is recognised as an important function for controlling quality.

By adhering to the instructions in this quality system, all stages of planning and manufacture are ensured to be compatible, and capable of producing and end product in compliance with the requirements of the customer.

The company recognises the need to operate an effective quality review procedure to ensure any deficiencies found within the quality system are remedied, or suggested additions or improvements, are correctly considered for inclusion.

The Company Chairman or delegated Company Director is responsible for the approval of this quality system, while it’s development and maintenance are vested in the Quality Manager who ensures that all departments within the company are aware of their quality related commitments and kept updated with any changes.

The Company is committed to a system of continuous improvement, achieved by setting out measurable objectives, assessing process performance, customer feedback information and review of the context of the organisation. Analysis of this data and its ongoing effectiveness is carried out at annual Management Reviews and/or at other appropriate meetings.

This Auwell Electronics Quality Manual is compiled in accordance with the latest issue of the ISO9001 standard. 



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